A Wizardly of Oz rooftop

There’s no place like home or a rooftop celebrating that Wizard of Oz was first shown on TV 60 years ago & it was 80 years ago this year, it was first released. 🎥 🎬

True to form for this fun little rooftop they have transformed not just the roof – the experience starts as you begin your stair climb.

Transported and taken on the tornado journey with each step you take…

Arriving at the very top into a weather proof wig wam – where munchkin land begins with Dorothy’s house having landed on a famous witch!

If you look closely – you won’t be disappointed to see the wicked witch’s famous stripy tights peeking out from the house ! 🧙‍♀️

Venturing outside you realise you are not in definitely not in Kansas anymore!

There’s a few outdoor seating areas and fires to roast marshmallows and you might start to wonder if the flying monkeys will swoop in (don’t worry they don’t)

They have their bar – covered for winter with some wizardly drinks – the beer is even green!

And the tale of Dorothy’s journey to find home wouldn’t be complete without Toto, poppies or the ruby slippers 👠 🐕 🥀

This winter pop up rooftop always has a thoughtful clever theme especially considering it’s quite a small space – they always fill to the max and in winter provide enough warmth and shelter should there be a 🌪 😜

So follow that yellow brick road to this rooftop and relive a classic.

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