Skylight’s sister rooftop bar has opened

The latest rooftop bar to join the ranks this summer has arrived: Yes, the sibling of Skylight in Wapping is here and it did not disappoint. The weather did. But the rooftop did not.

If you know it’s sister then you will know wet weather isn’t it’s friend but this rooftop is smarter – it’s learnt from the older more experience rooftop. There’s a beautiful garden themed restaurant that leads then out to the outdoor rooftop. So you can enjoy the vibe and view regardless of the weather. Which was good news for me as I was settled in for the whole day!

It’s also a lot more sophisticated rooftop than it’s big sister… with a boujee brunch vibe.

It is also the place for a hangover heaven cure and debrief on the night before, day date or just a great outing with the girls.

And it is an outing if you aren’t south – but Peckham has become home to some of the best rooftops and views so it’s easy to see why Skylight has taken up residence here – on top of the home of drama, one of the most prestigious drama schools – Mountview. But you wont find any drama here.

Greeted by a very lovely chatty security guard and sent up just the 4 floors to the roof, you are warmly welcome on arrival. Shout out to Liam for being so accommodating. And then you see the views – I mean I have done 120 rooftops in London now and that skyline never fails to wow me.

It only opened a few days ago and I chose to go on their first Saturday and the rain decided it wanted to play too! But it didn’t actually dampen my visit (every pun intended!) The indoor space was so gorgeous it didn’t matter and happily early evening the sun then did briefly peep out and say hi! So don’t be put off if it is raining when you go!

The food did not disappoint either. Brunch run still 5 on the weekends and super accommodating on allergies. The main menu is definitely a reason I’ll be back as looked like I might have to be airlifted home after it!

The staff were attentive, but not overly so (you know what I mean!) and another shout out, this time to Jewelle, not only with the prettiest name ever but also a great waitress. You can tell all the staff are new and keen to make this rooftop a new London favourite. And I have no doubt it will be.

If you have been trying to get into Sabine rooftop bar, who opened at the start of the summer, and now super hard to get a spot at. Then try here before everyone else does! Insane views, fabulous food and a great vibe. I couldn’t recommend it more… and will be back when the sun is! Cheers! 🥂