Lovely Lisbon

Known for its yellow trams, sardines, custard pastries, cod (funny assortments of things there) but also for being a cheap cosmopolitan city close to the beach. Lisbon really has it all… including an impressive amount of rooftop bars, pools and restaurants! Naturally I did a few… Airport & transfer Firstly get your camera ready asContinue reading “Lovely Lisbon”

New Camden rooftop bar opens just in time for Christmas.

Enter ‘Azura’ a last minute, 2021 entry to the rooftop bar scene! This rooftop bar is a part of the newest restaurant to hit London, just in time for the Christmas festivities and much needed for the Camden rooftop scene! Azura means blue sky and the brains behind it all has brought their blue skyContinue reading “New Camden rooftop bar opens just in time for Christmas.”