20 London Rooftops that are ready to rumble!

Social distancing socialising solution starts here… for your safety and / or sanity! Weren’t sure whether to go out yet? But maybe you will, maybe you will plan for next weekend but not sure what’s even open yet? Well look no further … here’s the round up of the top 20 back on top! 🧡Continue reading “20 London Rooftops that are ready to rumble!”

Rooftops: The social distancing solution for summer socialising!

Having visited over 70 rooftops in London, yes there are over 70 in the city – rooftops might just be the solution to us still having a summer of fun socialising in the sun just safely. 🙌 One thing I love about living in London, is the summer. People are happier, more sociable and theContinue reading “Rooftops: The social distancing solution for summer socialising!”

The Jewel that is Jerusalem

This historic holy city where Easter originated… Despite not being religious, I couldn’t not come all the way to Israel and not see Jerusalem. Like many, I had grown up with the story of the bible and how Easter came about. So it was right up there to visit but the trip was to TelContinue reading “The Jewel that is Jerusalem”

Tremendous Tel Aviv 🧡

Where Miami meets the Middle East, meets Brooklyn on the Beach, meets Berlin in Manhattan! So many different influences, similarities, familiarities but yet this place is like no other… Airport & Transfer I’m always so excited arriving at a new airport but I was a little nervous for this trip. I had read everywhere thatContinue reading “Tremendous Tel Aviv 🧡”

20 rooftops to visit in 2020 🥂

1. 67 Sky Lounge 📍Forte Dei Marmin 🇮🇹 2. The Top 📍New York 🇺🇸 3. Culpeper 📍London 🇬🇧 4. Cafe des Epices 📍Marrakesh 🇲🇦 5. Above 5 📍Dubrovnik 🇭🇷 6. Le 360 📍Cannes 🇫🇷 7. Rio Maravilha 📍Lisbon 🇵🇹 8. Ateneo 📍Valencia 🇪🇸 9. Roof Garden 📍Pisa 🇮🇹 10. ME 📍IbiZa 🇪🇸 11. Alto 📍LondonContinue reading “20 rooftops to visit in 2020 🥂”