Sticks and Sushi

Best for: 🍣🍱🍲

Location: Westgate shopping Centre

View: Oxford

Dress code: πŸ‘–πŸ‘—πŸ‘•πŸ‘šπŸ‘”πŸ‘ŸπŸ‘ 

Vibe: Friendly

Prosecco price: 🍾🍾

Food available? Yes!! It’s a sushi restaurant

Booking available? Yes

Smoking allowed? No

Last visited /photos taken: 2020

Warm/dry weather only? Yes but there’s an indoor resturant too.

Rooftop review roundup: A whole rooftop of restaurants! Usually in shopping centres it’s all indoors but here you can find a choice of rooftop restaurants with an indoor and outdoor options. I went for Sticks and Sushi as we wanted sushi and know it’s a good choice and weren’t disappointed. Lovely little spot, views over Oxford and super friendly helpful staff. Only shame is the restaurants aren’t right on the edge but still, it’s a small thing when so much else is great for a pit stop from shopping or an evening out.

Address: Rooftop Terrace
311 The Westgate
Castle Street, Oxford, OX1 1NZ

Website: Click here

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The Farmshop

Location: On the east side of Bicester Village – nearest the station

View: Flowers πŸ’ greenery

Dress code: Anything πŸ‘•πŸ‘–πŸ‘š

Vibe: Friendly, good for any age

Prosecco price: 🍾

Food available? Yes it’s a restaurant 🍽

Booking needed? We didn’t but as there is indoor seating you might not want to risk it and be sat inside (which is lovely, just not on the terrace)

Visited / Photos taken: 2018

Rooftop review: Good for kids or the perfect way to refuel or even start your shopping marathon in the summer! Shade areas available should it be hot!

Website: Farm shop

Rooftop extra tip: If you like this rooftop you might like Upper Deck in St Ives

TVC Varcity

Best for: 🍾🍸πŸ₯‚

Location: Oxford Center down a little alley

View: All of Oxford

Dress code: By day πŸ‘–πŸ‘šπŸ‘Ÿby night πŸ‘—

Vibe: Pretty chill to party time

Prosecco price: 🍾🍾

Food available? Yes

Booking available? Yes

Smoking allowed? Yes

Last visited /photos taken: 2021

Warm/dry weather only? No there is a a section that’s covered and an igloo!

Rooftop review roundup: First thing to note is the stairs…. there’s a LOT and winds round and round so after a few proseccos you will need to be careful! But good news you’ll have worked off that Prosecco and it’s worth it. The views are beautiful. It’s smaller than I expected but good things come in small packages! There’s even Angel wings positioned for that Insta rooftop shot! The only thing a bit disappointing was the food which was fine but average but I think this is more your go to drinks vibe anyway. Definitely a must for a weekend in Oxford!

Address: 9 High Street, OX1 4DB

Website: Click here

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