20 London Rooftops that are ready to rumble!

Social distancing socialising solution starts here… for your safety and / or sanity! Weren’t sure whether to go out yet? But maybe you will, maybe you will plan for next weekend but not sure what’s even open yet? Well look no further … here’s the round up of the top 20 back on top! 🧡Continue reading “20 London Rooftops that are ready to rumble!”

Rooftops: The social distancing solution for summer socialising!

Having visited over 70 rooftops in London, yes there are over 70 in the city – rooftops might just be the solution to us still having a summer of fun socialising in the sun just safely. 🙌 One thing I love about living in London, is the summer. People are happier, more sociable and theContinue reading “Rooftops: The social distancing solution for summer socialising!”

Tremendous Tel Aviv 🧡

Where Miami meets the Middle East, meets Brooklyn on the Beach, meets Berlin in Manhattan! So many different influences, similarities, familiarities but yet this place is like no other… Airport & Transfer I’m always so excited arriving at a new airport but I was a little nervous for this trip. I had read everywhere thatContinue reading “Tremendous Tel Aviv 🧡”

20 rooftops to visit in 2020 🥂

1. 67 Sky Lounge 📍Forte Dei Marmin 🇮🇹 2. The Top 📍New York 🇺🇸 3. Culpeper 📍London 🇬🇧 4. Cafe des Epices 📍Marrakesh 🇲🇦 5. Above 5 📍Dubrovnik 🇭🇷 6. Le 360 📍Cannes 🇫🇷 7. Rio Maravilha 📍Lisbon 🇵🇹 8. Ateneo 📍Valencia 🇪🇸 9. Roof Garden 📍Pisa 🇮🇹 10. ME 📍IbiZa 🇪🇸 11. Alto 📍LondonContinue reading “20 rooftops to visit in 2020 🥂”

10 Christmasy Rooftops

Fabulous, festive fun! ⛸🎄🍃🏠🥌🌃🥂🐧☃️ It’s the season to be jolly, which is ironic considering it’s frickin freezing but never fear there’s a an array of wonderful winter weather proof rooftops awaiting you! 🥳 Some rooftops put their winter hat on and turn up the heat and others go one step futher and transform into theirContinue reading “10 Christmasy Rooftops”