Captain Nicolas Fish Tavern

Best for: 🍽🐠🐑🐟

Location: Plaka on the water

Why is it so awesome: Amazing fresh succulent fish

Vibe: So friendly and fun

Prosecco price: 🍾🍾

Food: It’s a resturant

Last visited /photos taken: 2019

Review roundup: There’s a strip of taverns along one gorgeous Greek road and this is the first. Known for its fish and sea bass in particular though we actually had the snapper as it was the fish caught of the day and wow! Also just a lovely Greek run restaurant- gave us complimentary wine (to help wash down the last mouthful as we were struggling to finish the fish!) then a free pudding and ouzo! Best lunch – the views weren’t bad either! πŸ˜‰

Address: Plaka village, Elounda.

Website: No website but do have a Facebook page: Click here

Del Mar Snack Bar

Best for: πŸ₯‚πŸ»πŸΈπŸΊ

Location: In Elounda

Why is it so awesome: Right on the water, waves are meters from your feet. 😍

Vibe: Super chilled

Prosecco price: 🍾

Food: Snacks

Last visited /photos taken: 2019

Review roundup: Not to be confused with the Cafe Del Mar brand of Ibiza or even Malta’s version. Though both sit on the water front too but this is more a pre dinner drink, ice cream afternoon stop or late night cap.

Address: Akti Olountos, Schisma, 720 53

Website: No website, do have a Facebook page: Click here

Ferryman Tavern

Best for: 🍀 🐟 🐠

Location: Elounda

Why is it so awesome: The most famous Crete tavern – even had its own BBC documentary

Vibe: Romantic, families, beautiful setting

Prosecco price: 🍾🍾

Food: Great for trying local dishes and fresh fish

Last visited /photos taken: 2019

Review roundup: Due to its fame, it’s a popular spot for tourists – we had tried to book a table but had no response but were able to rock up (before we went for a pre dinner drink) and book and even request a particular table. Food was fantastic, service was a bit stressed but we weren’t as we were happy to watch the sun setting over the sea…. so much so I forgot to take make pictures.

Address: Schisma, Elounda, 73053

Website: No website but there’s a Facebook page: Click here

Icaros Beach Bar

Best for: 🍹πŸ₯‚πŸΊπŸ½πŸ₯—πŸ€πŸ£πŸ±

Location: On the private beach at Royal Marmin hotel – adult only hotel between plaka and Elounda villages.

Why is it so awesome: The staff are delightful, the setting is so special and it’s in the shade. (Plus the walk is from the sun lounger is about 1 minute!)

Vibe: Beachside

Prosecco price: 🍾🍾

Food: Sushi specialities of the world famous sushi chef Dannie Mira or when in Greece – they do a mean Greek salad.

Last visited /photos taken: 2019

Review roundup: This is one of my happy places – I spent my birthday lunch here (and many others) after a boat trip and it couldn’t have been more special yet understated. All the staff are kind and funny and so accommodating. The Nautilus rose wine is beautiful and goes rather well with all food! If I could sit here all day I would – till it was time to roll back to the beach sun lounger!

Address: Elounda, 720 53

Website: Click here

Bouillabaisse Resturant

Best for: 🍽

Location: Agios Nikolaos/ about a 10 minute walk from the port then a walk through the Minos Beach Art hotel grounds.

Why is it so awesome: The food

Vibe: Classy, romantic, special 😍

Prosecco price: 🍾🍾

Food: Incredible cuisine

Last visited /photos taken: 2019

Review roundup: Chose this place for my bday dinner and it didn’t disappoint. A small number of covers so is intimate and attentive. Setting is simply stunning watching the sun set. It’s only open for a few hours in the evening but if you didn’t want to venture back to the port you can just chill in the bar just below.

Address: Agios Nikolaos

Website: Click here

Poseidon boat trip

Best for: πŸŠβ€β™‚οΈβ›΅οΈπŸ–

Location: Royal Marmin hotel, Elounda

Why is it so awesome: Tailor made trips – as long or short as you want (not tied in to half a day or full day) Very kind captain making sure you feel like you are his first sailor.

Vibe: The ocean

Prosecco price: 🍾🍾

Food: Can provide what you request or will provide snacks included

Last visited /photos taken: 2019

Review roundup: For me a holiday is not complete without a boat trip where you can lose yourself in the middle of no where. It is more expensive to hire a bit as apposed to the group boat trips but it’s worth every penny as suits exactly what you want from it. In our case seeing Spinalonga the famous ‘leprocy’ island and jumping into the ocean!

Address: Elounda

Website: Through the hotel: Click here

Yacht Club

Best for: 🍽🐠🍾

Location: At the Elounda Mare hotel resort

Why is it so awesome: The views, the food, the people

Vibe: Classy

Prosecco price: 🍾🍾🍾

Food: 🐠 Amazing

Last visited /photos taken: 2019

Review roundup: One of many restaurants in this hotel complex. It’s a mini walk to the restaurant from reception at the end of the pathway and as you come nearer you know it’s special – stunning views. The food is incredible if not a little pricey, there’s no rush, and all are welcome – a little girl got up and danced with the singer the night we were there. All very calm and wonderful. Safe for a special occasion.

Address: Elounda Mare, 720 53

Website: Click here

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