Best for: 🍽🍷

Location: Miami Design District

Why is it so awesome: A little slice of Greece in Miami!

Vibe: European Chilled

Prosecco price: 🍾🍾

Food: Yes

Last visited /photos taken: 2017

Review roundup: Gorgeous little hideaway in busy Miami, was like walking through into a secret Greek resturant in Greece! Super popular with all ages. Best to book and ensure you have a taxi there and back if not driving as it’s out of the way.

Website: Click here

Also… for places I don’t have pictures of:

Nikki Beach: it’s a classic beach club world known, so if you’ve been to one you’ll know what to expect. Good sushi, bubbleS by the beach, tunes and posing! I’m a massive fan for lunch but you can set up camp for the day or enjoy dinner and dancing!

SLS pool party: One of the best all day parties… think bunny dressed women on the shoulders of guys spraying champagne over pool partiers, fish bowl cocktails and great tunes! It’s a lot of fun and a lot to take in if you’ve not been before. Throw yourself into it or avoid entirely! The beds are expensive to hire but if you get there early, dress in fabulous swim wear you’ll be able to hang at the bar.

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