Lisbon Travel Guide

Known for its yellow trams, sardines, custard pastries, cod (funny assortments of things there) but also for being a cheap cosmopolitan city close to the beach. Lisbon really has it all… including an impressive amount of rooftop bars, pools and restaurants! Naturally I did a few… Airport & transfer Firstly get your camera ready asContinue reading “Lisbon Travel Guide”

Folkestone: Day trip guide

Where can you find a tiny touch of France, Greece and Denmark in one little English seaside village… oh and it’s only 54 minutes from London… With turquoise waters, ocean views all set in a quaint seaside town, Folkestone is a world from the city smog. From London St Pancras it’s a quick and effortlessContinue reading “Folkestone: Day trip guide”

Travelling tips and thoughts in Covid times…

What’s different, what to think about and what to pack… It was 2 months ago I wrote about my first trip after lockdown. Which could still be useful and relevant if you haven’t ventured away yet. I was going to update it but after 3 trips, a lot of hindsight and a more variety ofContinue reading “Travelling tips and thoughts in Covid times…”

Jerusalem Travel Guide

This historic holy city where Easter originated… Despite not being religious, I couldn’t not come all the way to Israel and not see Jerusalem. Like many, I had grown up with the story of the bible and how Easter came about. So it was right up there to visit but the trip was to TelContinue reading “Jerusalem Travel Guide”