Pisa – A day trip travel guide

Getting that all important shot when you only have time for a pit stop!

Almost… this was picture number 70265

We flew into Pisa airport en route to Forte Dei Marmi and decided on the way back we would use this opportunity to see the Leaning Tower.

The train from Forte Dei Marmi was super easy and only about half an hour, taking us straight into the Centre of Pisa (where you have to change for the airport anyway).

Due to an injury, our plans to wander through the streets soaking in another Italian city were foiled. So we hopped (literally) into a cab down to the tower missing the 20-30 minute walk it should have been.

The Leaning Tower or Torre Di Pisa is as magnificent as you’d expect but equally I found it underwhelming as much smaller than imagined (had the same thoughts with the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen) If so inclined you can climb up it… just seeing the people at the top made me dizzy so we stayed on the ground. The Piazza Del Duomo is the pathway where all ‘those’ pictures are taken (and on one end – a crazy amount of souvenir stalls) You won’t be able to miss it – it’s a pathway lined with people with their hands out, ice cream cones, lying with their feet up … all trying to get their chosen posed picture. It’s actually quite a funny site to see. And the best thing is, even if it’s busy people don’t stay long so if you wait that spot you want will come up in a few minutes. So we did the picture and then obviously headed to the nearest rooftop!

Just a few minutes’ walk (or hobble in my case) is the Grand Hotel Duomo where the likes of Frank Sinatra and Sophie Loren have stayed. Not quite the grand hotel of its day but perfect for a rooftop drink or dinner.

They don’t usually open till 6 but allowed us up as we had a flight to catch. The obligatory Italian aperol spritz and a quiet place to take in the city and views of the tower. Full details Click here

Again due to the injury, the hotel ordered us a cab back to the airport or we would have walked back and got the bubble train a few minutes from the airport.

Snow globe of the tower purchased and it was bye bye Pisa and farewell to our fabulous Italian adventure in Forte Dei Marmi … click here for details.

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