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2 champagne glasses on a rooftop bar in Nice, France

Where’s the rooftop for you?

Whether you are looking for a champagne rooftop bar or a cute cosy pub terrace or maybe it’s dining on high under the stars after sunbathing with sensational sea views – you’ll find the rooftop that suits you here.

300+ rooftops I have snapped 📷 sipped at 🍹 and some, stayed at 😴 to bring you real rooftop reviews and recommendations (so not a stock image in sight).

I’ve also thrown in some awesome rooftop alternatives, travel trips, tips and tales because if you love rooftops there’s every chance you’ll love these places too. 🥂

Happy researching & rooftoping!

Fee 🧡

“Life is better with a good view”

Best London rooftop bars and restaurants

THE Top Rooftop Tip:

THE most important rooftop tip is ALWAYS call / email / DM for opening times & days. Don’t rely on their websites or socials as they change, vary season to season and sometimes day to day – depending on the weather. Plus another curve ball can be they can be hired out for private events. Which is why I’ve not listed opening info… so always contact them.

Your prosecco price guide:

🍾 – Bottle costs under £30

🍾🍾 – Bottle costs £30 – £40

🍾🍾🍾 – Bottle costs £40 +

You’ll find under each rooftop I’ve created this guide to reflect the type of budget you’ll need.

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