Rooftop bars, restaurants, pools and pubs: Reviews & recommendations, travel guides & inspiration

2 champagne glasses on a rooftop bar in Nice, France

Where’s the rooftop for you?

Whether you are looking for a chic champagne rooftop bar or a cute cosy pub terrace or dining in the dizzy heights under the stars after sunbathing with sensational sea views – here you’ll find the rooftop bar that suits you.

400+ rooftops I have snapped, sipped at, and some, stayed at to bring you real rooftop reviews and authentic recommendations – so not a stock image in sight. I’ve also curated a selection of exceptional rooftop alternatives in London. Bars and restaurants for when the weather let’s us down.

Lastly, as research and planning are my superpower, I have created ‘travel guides‘ as sharing is caring. More like travel companions because if you love rooftops there’s every chance you’ll have an affinity and passionate for travel too. 🥂

Happy researching & rooftoping!

Fee 🧡

‘Life is better with a good view’

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