Top 5 Rooftop Igloos in London

When has isolating in an igloo ever been more appealing than 2020!

Even grey, rainy winter days can’t spoil festive fun when you wrapped up in one of these.

So here’s my Top 5 Rooftops with Igloos… and a lil bonus!

1. Aviary

Avairy rooftop igloos

📍Finsbury Sq

On top of the Montcalm Royal London House hotel this rooftop led the way in igloos. With an accompanying covered restaurant and sweeping views, it’s an all weather, all year rounder rooftop diamond.

2. Bar Elba

Bar Elba igloos

📍 Waterloo

New this year to the igloo rooftop scene these new additions replace their rooftop ice rink which due to Covid guidelines means it’s not possible this year so instead we have magical igloos and the usual Prosecco party vibe of this raving rooftop bar.

3. Mercer Roof Terrace

Mercer Roof Terrace igloos


A calm classic classy rooftop with incredible cocktails to match. In its second year of igloos and close to the city makes it for perfect business wining and dining.

4. Pergola

Pergola Rooftopbar  Igloos


What this rooftop lacks in views it makes up for in its informal bustling scene with a variety of food stations and fun which this year is extended to the igloo too!

5. Skylight


A little out of the way but worth the effort this is a rooftop playground with igloos just being one of their offerings each year and this year is no exception … Apres Ski Lodge & Christmas cocktail cinema also await as your rooftop rewards for going east!

So whatever your household bubble there’s something for everyone!

Oh and a little bonus for 2020, cause we all need that… not a rooftop but very much an awesome alternative as this is the ultimate igloo, housing pop up igloos this winter… I give you..

Syon House

Syon house


This is part of the home to Duke of Northumberland and was built in 1827 as one of the first largest glass architectures by a guy called Charles Flower who wrote,

“The proper excellence of architecture is that which results from its suitableness to the occasion … and this principle rightly pursued leads to ORIGINALITY without the affection of NOVELTY”

But this winter, for the first time in history the venue is open for fine dining to the public. Usually hired out for weddings or filming never before could you book to eat in these grounds, in this way, giving us a little bit of magic in 2020… and doesn’t just have to be in a pop up igloo, it can be in the giant igloo aka the conservatory! Christmas just came early! 🎄