New sushi rooftop restaurant at Netil 360

Celebrating its 10th year, Netil has long been a favourite rooftop bar in east London. With its informal vibe, stunning views and chilled tunes – a lazy Sunday was always well spent here.

And spent is not how you feel when you leave. This is one of those rare rooftops that does not break the bank. With a bubbles at £7 a glass, it’s much more affordable than most London rooftop bars.

And that ethos is now also reflected in their new offering as they have added a new sushi menu making it now also a rooftop restaurant!

With the introduction of shared tables, we are no longer rolling off cushions and crawling on our hands and knees (when we had one too many of those bubbles – though there is still a small area for that!) But the rest of us can now we can be grown ups (well semi grown up) and sit at actual tables… so the only thing this rooftop bar was missing was food – now we had somewhere to eat it!

And so introducing their new sushi offering: “Sumptuous sushi without the pretentiousness”. Their aim is to make a sushi dining experience as affordable as their drinks.

Inspired by the Japanese dining culture of ‘Izakaya’ meaning a ‘stay and drink place’ this isn’t a treat once a year boujee night. This is your local, your favourite place to hang… it just also happens to have epic views that transport you away from reality.

There’s no time limit on your stay either. You can come for the food and stay all day. And have more sushi later when the munchies kick in!

We had Tuna sashimi (£9), Spicy tuna (£7), Salmon and avocado (£7), Seared salmon dragon (£11)

And my absolute favourite thing was the amount of gluten free sushi on offer. Well my absolute favourite thing was the sunset after the sushi. Just absolutely golden.

No reservations, no minimum spend, no time limit – run don’t walk to this rooftop restaurant. Well there are a lot of stairs so maybe don’t run. Though you know that your appetite will be sorted with sushi if you do!