Day trip to Krka Waterfalls and Skradin Town

When I saw photos of the Krka waterfalls, it was love at first site! An hour from Split the Krka waterfalls can be found at the incredible Krka National park. This is an absolute must do. The park didn’t just house 7 of the most stunning waterfalls but turned out home to 7,500 plants species. It’s also one of Europe’s most valued bird migration spaces. Over 200 varieties flock here and has 18 varieties of fish plus there’s snakes!

Skradinski Buk waterfall at Krka national Park
Skradinski Buk Waterfall

I also read it might be an Instagram versus reality experience but I didn’t care! After much research the most sensible and economical (without hiring a car) was to book an organised trip. I booked through Get My Guide who were acting for Bookers. You can book direct with them and both offer 24 hours cancellation should your plans or the weather change!

Krka Waterfalls
Krka Waterfallls

There were a lot of different options to add on to the visit to the Krka National Park and waterfalls. I chose one with park entry included. Some don’t so make sure you pick one that offers that, less to think about when you are there. I then chose the one with a boat ride to Skradin town. Here you can swim at the point the Krka river meets the ocean. Lastly to Plastovo village for wine tasting. Before heading back to Split 10 hours later! A bargain at £62.69 each! I am not usually a fan of feeling held hostage for 10 hours but this trip was fantastic. Perfectly paced, very informative, lots of our own time and a very humorous guide – thank you Mate!

Tour bus in Split, Croata

I received a text from the tour company the day before to confirm a 8.15am meet point in Split town. (Very handy having a hotel in walking distance.) Very smooth and well organised – as the group of 56 piled onto an air conditioned bus. Arriving at the park was simple – they chose the Skradin entrance with no long hike in. It also wasn’t too busy despite being peak season. If you DIY to the Krka waterfalls there are several entrance’s you can choose from. Skradin entrance seems a no brainer as leads straight to start your stroll around the National Park.

Map of Krka National Park

Side note. On arrival if you need the loo head straight down to the picnic area. Also make sure have a one euro coin on you!

Krka National park

You could stay with the guide or go off on your own which we opted for. Ours also set up an optional WhatsApp group for the day. So handy for quick questions and location meet points. Really excellent service.

Krka waterfalls

The whole place reminded me of Hot Springs in Melbourne. The same board walks points of interest and absolutely stunning scenery.

fish in green water

I was a little surprised to note that snakes and other friends inhabited the park! But unless you stray far away from the main path you won’t see any. You will see lots of fish and amazingly no mossies! Though I would still spray up in case – we did and not a single bite and it was 34 degrees!

Krka National prak green water

The water here is glowing green and just felt I’d walked into a magical calming alternative world. I could honestly have sat and stared at one of natures gifts to us for hours mesmerised by its beauty. Sadly there’s not many sitting points certainly not if you don’t want to hog for others or block photo opportunities!

Krka national park boardwalks

We had just under 2 hours to wander the board walks and take in the 7 amazing Krka waterfalls. I thought that would be too long but it was spot on. I heard the walk ways were packed but I didn’t find that. A few times there would be a bit of back up of people but it didn’t last long. I found lots of space and time to take all the pictures.

Krka national park walk ways
When the walkways get busy

However, when we got to the bridge to see THE famous waterfall – Skradinski Buk. That’s when you realise why the walkways were quiet! And insta V reality was a thing!

Skradinski Buk waterfall
Skradinski Buk waterfall

Our guide has warned us this was the place that would break Instagram. He had helpfully suggested if that was your goal was this picture then head there first. We didn’t and it wasn’t a problem at all.

Skradinski Buk waterfall busy bridge of people - Insta V reality
Skradinski Buk waterfall busy bridge of people – insta V reality

We only took about 5-10 minutes to get the pictures. And as you stood in a line you had time to really stop and take in the magnitude of this waterfall.

Skradinski Buk waterfall at Krka National Park
Skradinski Buk waterfall at Krka National Park

Can you swim in Krka Waterfalls at the National Park?

In January 2021 swimming in the Krka waterfalls was banned. We were told it was sadly sparked by a fatality. I had also read it was to preserve the biodiversity and lower the pollution in the water. I can’t even imagine how much damage sunscreen on 1000s people a day would do! So completely understandable. Though for returning visitors or those with expectations to swim in this ethereal green waters. Sadly it’s no longer an option.

Food stalls at Krka National Park
Food stalls at Krka National Park

At the bottom of the bridge was the picnic area with all the over priced food, drink, souvenirs and amazing ice cream! You could bring your own snacks and drinks so they weren’t holding us ransom, capturing us hungry and thirsty! I would highly recommend shelling out for the apple pie ice cream. I would have that again in a heart beat!

Picnic area at Krka National Park holding up an ice cream
Picnic area at Krka National Park

After the 2 hours you regroup and head to a boat. Note, if you need shade be at the front of the queue to get in downstairs. Equally if you want the best views head upstairs.

Krka River views
Krka River

The 20 minute boat trip was so peaceful and serene sailing slowly through the Krka river. We then arrived at our next destination – at the picturesque town of Skradin.

Skradin town in Croatia
Skradin town

We had another 2 hours here. Which again I initially felt far too long. But when you find a Wine Garden, you wish you could have stayed longer sitting in swings with wine!

Sign to the wine garden
The sign to the wine garden!

It wasn’t recommended to us but stumbled across it – after also discovering a couple of villages rooftop restaurant’s! More on those here.

The perfect wine hideaway – it was like entering a grown up Narnia! Small but perfectly formed. Sitting in garden swings, rose in hand and a charcuterie board basking in the 34 degree shade! Bliss!

The Wine Garden, charcuterie board and two glasses of rose wine
The Wine Garden

If you wanted something more substantial there were also a few places to eat lunch on the waterfront. You could use the time to go swimming where the Krka river meets the ocean. I wasn’t that impressed with its beach so we opted to stay in our new home – the wine garden!

It was then time to head back to the bus via a little wander round the town and it’s colourful Croatian buildings. On to our last stop…. more wine tasting!

Colourful streets of Skradin
Streets of Skradin

This was in the village of Plastovo at a family run winery – Sladic. They have benches of tables in and on the little terrace all ready for all 56 of us. If you aren’t sociable then you may not enjoy this as much as we did!

Wine barrel and empty wine glasses
Wine tasting done at Sladic

We tasted 4 wines – red, white, rose and a desert wine. I had already fallen for Croatian rose! Some may look pinker than the preferred Provence rose but it’s just as delicious. I had dry but very pink rose in Rhodes the year before. This helped dispell the myth dark pink rose was sweet but it still wasn’t up to the provence rose standard. I also remember in Dubrovnik there was only a few dry rose. Maybe we had been going on the colour rather than taste! Rookie mistake!

Sladic winery
Sladic winery

If you didn’t have lunch in Skradin, you could purchase a charcuterie board here. They also provided small sample of local cheese. Very small! This is very much a bit of fun rather than serious wine tasting. Its also and a nice to chance to chat to fellow passengers and share Split tips!

Glass of Croatian rose over looking a harbor in Skradin
Croatian rose in Skradin

Time then for the hours journey back to Split. Arrived back for 5.30pm – which considering was 9 hours after the day started it was amazing how fast it flew. And back in time for a some bubbles and a rooftop pool dip before dinner. Perfect day! Don’t hesitate to make this day trip part of your holiday! (Not an ad!! Genuinely loved it!)