Rooftops: The social distancing solution for summer socialising!

Oxo Tower

Having visited over 70 rooftops in London, yes there are over 70 in the city – rooftops might just be the solution to us still having a summer of fun socialising in the sun just safely. 🙌

One thing I love about living in London, is the summer. People are happier, more sociable and the atmosphere is electric. The rise of the rooftop bar is not a new idea – the Oxo tower has been open for over 20 years but their popularity has risen as with it the prosecco culture. There’s now for everyone whatever your budget or aspirations. The escapism they offer resembles being on a holiday – something it looks like we will be forgoing this summer. So with just a few days before they can reopen all we really need are those beautiful blue skies to return and it can still be a summer to remember! ☀️

Jin Bo Law

What’s going to be different? As you can imagine staff will be wearing PPE/ masks, capacity will be reduced and less standing more sitting. (I am all for that!) Many rooftops will not just be cashless but bar-less ordering drinks through apps and table service. The up side means no queuing and more time spent with friends – something we have all missed. There will generally be less events and spontaneity more booking and planning. Ironically the one thing we haven’t been able to do for months.

Savage Garden

So who is opening this weekend? Let’s start with the classics: Maddison’s, Radio Rooftop and Savage Garden are ready and raring to go for 4th. Savage Garden are launching a new themed rooftop to ensure safety at all times but still with all the glamour. One thing about these rooftops that won’t change is their views. 🤩


Two of my favourite’s for the fun factors return: Roof East and Skylight. Skylight will now be operating at 45% of its usual capacity and pausing its iconic rooftop games to allow for more safe seating so you are guaranteed to sit back and enjoy their view!

Roof East

Roof East however are resuming their rooftop yoga, crazy golf and sliders curling games with extra measures in place for cleaning down between bookings.

The Culpeper

🍽 Three of my favourite’s for their food and fabulousness are Culpepper, Aviary and the Boundary. The Boundary and Culpepper will have a third less capacity but both have planned how to maximise the experience with The Culpepper keeping their canopy up to ensure whatever the weather we can rooftop!

The Boundary

The Boundary have been hard at work ensuring a new one way system design and told me they can’t wait to have everyone back. ‘We’ve missed having people on our rooftop, especially with this sunny weather – we have plenty of lost time to make up for and hopefully lots more sunshine’ Couldn’t agree more!

Netil 360

Then there are some rooftops like Netil 360 who have prided themselves on first come and free entry basis. They sadly remind us of the stark reality of the new normal: half the capacity, redesign costs, increase of staff and yet half the season has been lost… so they have reluctantly had to introduce a cover fee. They do promise when they can, they will return to biz as usual. Hurrah to that day and till then, we get it.


Or another smaller (but with big summer vibes) rooftop, Chiringuito also ready to roll but caught waiting on the councils approval of risk assessments and whilst it is all about being on a roof, they have extended their licence so you can still order their cocktails. Where there’s a will there’s a rooftop!

Flight Club

Then there’s some rooftops that aren’t quite ready for us but are only days behind: 12th Knot, Seabird, Queen of Hoxton and Flight Club to name a few. The latter is set for opening on August 1st. Like the others also a reduced capacity but their bottomless pizza will be worth the wait!

Its been a long wait so make sure you check their websites / social for new opening times, new rules, but also new ways of having fun and feeling fabulous!

Lastly, much like drinking in the sun … it’s about pacing yourself and taking your time. Coming out of lockdown will be hard for some, others may not be able to yet but for those of you able and ready … the rooftops await, refreshed with your safety at their forefront… and with fun closely following.

Enjoy and stay safe 🥂

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Savage Garden