14 Hills restaurant just got higher!

Hello to the 15th Floor…

Rooftop restaurant  in Fenchurch Street 14 Hills

This week we saw the return of outdoor dining and the rooftops. But what do you do when you are an indoor Insta famous restaurant… well, you expand to your rooftop!

14 Hills Restaurant in Fenchurch Street London
Indoor the 14 Hills… another month to wait

Known for its floral foliage this fabulous eaterie has taken its creatively to meet new heights. Applying for a licence to move up to the 15th floor they were granted a small area to set up their pop up restaurant.

Rooftop restaurant icon the city of London

Big huge umbrellas help keep the weather elements to a minimum whilst transporting you to that holiday summer beach side restaurant vibe.

Rooftop restaurant in the heart of London city

But it’s the moment the lifts open and you walk out onto the rooftop that the stress and memories of this last year melts away. The shard, the gerkin and Sky Garden all stood proudly surrounding the rooftop welcoming you up.

The actual restaurant area was surprisingly smaller than expected but I learnt this was due to the licence restrictions. It was also a little disappointing that most of the roof is cordoned off but as it’s a safety thing – completely understandable. But do note that you might not get ‘those’ pictures as also glass wear can’t leave the restaurant area.

Views of the city of London from rooftop restaurant 14 Hills

However that said, not everyone needs the perfect picture or even has socials! Shocking I know. In fact despite being a photo addict since I was tiny, I was very happy to sit back, relax with my rose and enjoy soaking in the sun and sensational views.

Summer days on a rooftop restaurant in the city of London

Food wise, it was as fabulous as I expected. Gluten free taken very seriously and catered effortlessly for. The fish and risotto were our chosen dishes (oh and some extra carbs to help with the wine!) All disappeared very fast!

Rooftop restaurant 14 Hills food

Hopefully next month indoor dining will be allowed as planned but this new rooftop restaurant is here to stay for the summer… and hopefully it will be back next summer too. I’ll drink to that and definitely be back.

Rooftop restaurant views of the shard