A Guide to the Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk – done the Rooftop Bar way!

Bondi Beach

Bondi beach – probably one of Australia’s most famous beaches. Set on the eastern beaches of Sydney – there’s also many more lesser known neighbouring ones to explore and this classic coastal walk is the perfect way to take in this stunning side of the world.

The official start is at the famous Iceberg’s restaurant and club in Bondi. But if you fancy an alternative rooftop way to enjoy this bucket list activity, whilst seeing a bit more of this infamous Bondi beach, then I got you.

Icebergs club and restaurant

Firstly your checklist: make sure you have trainers not thongs (flip flops), a big bottle of water (there’s water stops you can fill up on the walk) sunscreen, a hat, portable phone charger (you will be taking all the photos) and ID (I’ll come back to this). For all the ‘poms’ like me don’t be fooled in winter on a cloudy day you don’t need that sunscreen – you do – the sun is much stronger and different here. And in summer whilst blue skies will make for better photos, a cloudy day will be a godsend to walk in though it will still be very hot!

Trainers – check!

If you are coming from the city then there’s a few ways to get over to Bondi. Uber is by far the quickest (20 mins) and most expensive, train to Bondi Junction (big shopping to be done here) and then a bus or I prefer the 333 bus (tap to pay) all the way even though can take an hour. Or if you are in a super active mood you could walk it in 2 hours!! Either way get off or be dropped at North Bondi to start! (Yes this does mean more walking also means more steps and iconic views!)

View from Marks Park just after Bondi

11am start: I recommend you start at the very cute and cosy Speedos Cafe for one of their insta worthy breakfasts or even just a coffee – complete with a message of the day!

12pm Walk along the beach until you get to Glory Days Pavillon for a rooftop bar view of this iconic beach and some hydration!

Glory days rooftop bar at Bondi beach

If you are a fan of the TV series ‘Bondi Rescue’ then you will be able to perch here and see the team in action!

Bondi lifeguards

1pm Then you want to walk to another little rooftop bar in Bondi called Dom Pedros – a Mexican themed adorably kitch terrace complete with a cactus! Here is perfect for a little tequila* boost as when on a Mexican themed rooftop!

Dom Pedros rooftop bar

2pm Now you can finally walk up the hill to the start point at Icebergs … passing some souvenir shops (these are my weakness! I own several Bondi hoodies and tees from various trips!)

Souvenir shopping

Anyway back to you – you are probably hungry again now and as you are at the famous Icebergs bar and restaurant, with insane sea views…. be rude not to stop for a spot of light lunch!


3.30pm NOW, the walk officially begins! The path is signposted, from Icebergs and so you simply follow the path. From Bondi firstly to the much lesser known and smaller beach of Tamarama – get your phone ready for some sensational sea views

Looking back to Bondi

Throughout your walk there will be so many photo moments, so unless you are supplementing the gym with this walk (many locals do) take it at your pace. You’ll also see sea sculptures and if you are lucky enough to be going end of Oct then there is even a full on exhibition lining your walk.

Sea sculptures from the coastal walk

3.50 From there to Bronte beach then past the Waverley Cemetery which sits on high behind you – I mean what an amazing place of rest!

Waverley cemetery

4.20: You then carry on to Clovelly beach – where there’s a great restaurant called Sea Salt if you fancy a little snack stop or indeed a dip in the ocean. Which you can do at each beach and make it an even longer ocean day of fun!


5.30 And then refuelled and ready it’s on to the last leg heading to Coogee beach.

Coogee Beach

Here you will end your walk with a well earned celebratory drink at the rooftop bar at coogee’s pavilion! This is where you may need your ID – regardless of age they were asking everyone who entered for one, so best to have in case – you can’t have made it this far to fall at the last rooftop bar! 😉

Coogee rooftop bar

6pm One last climb, it’s time to rest, relax and rose on this ocean view, tremendous tunes and all the vibes rooftop feeling very smug at all your steps!

Rooftop bar at Coogee pavilion

Or you could do all that in reverse!

*If you are drinking any alcohol before walking – please ensure you have also hydrated on water as sunshine, heat and booze can be a toxic sunstroke waiting to happen. So please drink responsibly – soda water is perfectly acceptable!

Bondi beach – Glori days rooftop

Lastly if you are short on time and just want to do the walk, no stops, then allow about 70-120 minutes depending on your pace. Strolling can take a good few hours (a rookie mistake I made last visit – despite having done it many times when I lived there – I ignored my memory and listened to google maps that says an hour! Definitely allow 2!

Enjoy this bucket list must do in Sydney adventure the rooftop way or not!

Coastal walk eastern beaches map