New Rooftop Restaurant: Cavo opens at the Now Building

Another rooftop bar and restaurant joins the 130 London has to offer And in this competitive space, I was keen to see what it had to offer.

Cavo Restaurant

Based at the not so new Now Building at Tottenham Court Road, I knew city views wouldn’t be the draw just due to the location. So was excited to see and experience the decor, vibe, food and service.

Now building

Side note the Now building alone is worth a visit. Boasting the most number of screens in the world It is an incredible form of installation art and the theme changes regularly.

Cavo rooftop terrace

Entering the building for Cavo we were met by a lovely, friendly door host who sent us up – I had booked as it was a Saturday. Though I needn’t have bothered as it was pretty empty – which in fairness, it was new and it was a typical U.K. weather day. Sunshine, showers, clouds repeat!

Cavo rooftop terrace

The terrace looked a very chill, could imagine it being a popular after work and weekend option. As it was so quiet we were able to choose where to sit – usually that would always be outside but it was chilly and with no offer of blankets or heaters I actually opted inside.


We then ordered a Prosecco and soya coffee to start. The waiter came back and said there was no Prosecco but could offer a sparkling wine – and made a point how it wasn’t his fault! Very strange. I asked if the wine was the same price as the Prosecco to which he confirmed it was. Then he came back again and said no it wasn’t – it was a lot more. I asked for the menu. He then came back to say they also don’t have any milk alternatives and reiterated it wasn’t his fault!


At this point it had been about 20 minutes since we arrived and we were getting irritated so we just decided to leave. No one approached us to ask if everything was ok. I appreciated they weren’t long open and there can be teething problems – that’s what soft launches are for. To have such low stock and poorly trained staff was a big disappointment.

I did leave a review on the platform I booked on and it was followed up with an encouraging email apologising and they would come back to me – they never did. I even chased them as really wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt. But sadly no response. If you do go then I hope you have a better experience.