30+ Rain Proof Rooftop Bars in London

With over 140 rooftop bars in London … which ones can we still enjoy whatever the British weather! 🌧️ ☔️

Whilst having no roof is the real qualifier for a true rooftop bar, this is London! So sensible wet weather contingency means some rooftop bars have indoor options that don’t comprise the view or have retractable roofs to have the best of both worlds (bravo). Or then there are some for the die hard rooftopers amount us – sun umbrellas!

London Bridge rooftop

But if you prefer a bit more shelter than that, then here is a round up of over 30 of the best rain proof rooftop bars! These beauties will keep you dry (and warm!) but you won’t lose the wow when you walk into them and / or the feeling you are outside on holidays!

12th Knot – Sea Contain

📍 Southbank

Boujee and brilliant, this rooftop has a colourful plush indoor bar that leads out onto their terrace so perfect on a rainy day!

601 Queens Road

📍 Wimbledon

Gorgeous glass rooftop bar with the outdoor terrace running round the bar so you still feel outside when in!

100 Shoreditch


New to the rooftop bar scene in 2022 where their garden themed terrace runs parallel to their indoor bar. But unless the wind and rain are battering you could still stay outside!


📍Oxford Street

Known for style, food and wine – this Italian inspired rooftop has all three. Including its location – on top of Selfridges which houses some of the worlds best fashion. So after that shopping head upstairs where their rooftop has slats to let the sunshine in but close up to keep the rain out!


📍 Moorgate

Whilst being perched with views over the city is the rooftop dream, they also have a glass rooftop restaurant and in the winter, igloos pop up on the roof. So you can get these views and be dry and warm!


📍 Camden Town

A stunning gorgeous indoor boujee bar that is below their lil rooftop terrace. Perfect for London fun with no sun as their theme is the Aegean Sea. So be transported to summer days when the winter ones kick in!

B&H Garden rooftop

📍Leicester Square

Self named a rooftop but actually theirs has a ceiling with a small tiny lil area outside which is why I have included! So this is already your indoor rooftop bar option with amazing views!

Bar Elba


This party rooftop that is not only full of fun but adaptable throughout the seasons. Come the rain the main body of the bar is sheltered and in winter theres ‘party pods’ aka igloos. No excuse not to get climbing their very insta quote filled stairs!


📍Canary Wharf

This brilliant rooftop bar sits on top of a bar on the floor below and a restaurant on the floor below that! So no need to compromise on those views if the rain strikes!

Boundary Project

📍Shoreditch High Streett

Not known for its views but chilled vibe this gorgeous rooftop has a restaurant that is able to close up for the rain so on a rainy day never felt better here!

Cloud M

📍Tower Hill

This lessen known rooftop also doubles up as a work space. It’s main area is actually enclosed so you can open that laptop without it getting wet!



One of the rooftop bar newbies who has a roof and adaptable windows so rain proof. Also has a rocking horse which is a must after a few of their cocktails!

Jin Bo Law

📍 Aldgate

Not wanting to compromise on those wow views when it rains, this rooftop bar is for you. Glam, small but stylish with retractable doors from its terrace – meaning you can be perched at a stool sipping your champers taking in the vibe and view without getting soaked!


📍Kings Cross

The beauty of this rooftop bar is the inner glass box restaurant so come rain hail or shine you have the feeling of holiday vibes

Lost in Brixton


A floral feast on this smart rooftop bar whose roof opens and closes according to the weather without compromising the vibe


📍Leicester Square

With its outdoor terrace running round the glass indoor rooftop bar, even if it rains you can nip out for a quick snap!



The London rooftop where their cocktails match their view! This famous rooftop bar is mostly based outside but their restaurant is inside with floor to ceiling glass so you can still see St Pauls or you can just stare at your drink!


📍Old Street

A Mexican inspired rooftop that has been built with windows and a roof that can cover or expose when the sun appears! So you can feel like you are in Mexico with London city views … mainly after all the tequila!


📍Mansion House

Another gorgeous glass indoor rooftop set on the roof with the outside terrace for sunshine days. Also one of the original rooftops for rooftop Igloos! So many options to stay dry while seeing the stunning views with some champers!



Rare views over Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. A small outdoor terrace where you can take cover inside the glass restaurant safe from the rain!

Oxo Tower


The original rooftop terrace of London that is sat looking over the River Thames. The terrace is very much subject to the elements which is why they have created a fabulous bar and restaurant just behind the glass doors.

Pergola on the Wharf

📍Canary Wharf

Gorgeous greenery that fill this rooftop which is mainly enclosed with a small terrace makes this a perfect go to wet weather option.

Plaza Terrace Bar

📍Covent Garden

Set above all the culture this cute rooftop terrace is covered whatever the weather. The windows are open but unless it’s lashing it would make the perfect getaway with views over Covent Garden

Pocket Square

📍Aldgate East

A fresh perspective of London town which can still be enjoyed through the glass windows if the famous British weather wins over the sunshine!

Radio Rooftop


One of London’s most famous rooftop bars that adapts to the weather with glass sides that appear, and a roof that slides in. And if its torrential then their indoor bar is all things boujee – not to bad to as an alternative to being outside!


📍St Paul’s

Stunning St Paul’s stands proud whether you are inside in their bar or on their beautiful terrace – my first visit it was pouring down and still was a sensational experience.

Savage Gardens

📍Tower Hill

This bad ass rooftop bar is perched over looking the Shard and Tower of London. They have several indoor and outdoor options so this is your sign to go in all seasons! Just bring your savage self.



Seafood galore with superb London views. also famed for the largest raw and beautiful bar (inside) so if the wind and rain come in so can you!



Huts and igloos and means hail or rain can’t stop the fun here! And this rooftop set on a garage is all about the fun! Usually fully exposed this rooftop has a winter wet weather plan! Love a rooftop with a plan!



A bubbles brunch never looked so good even if it rains on this rooftop bar. Which it did twice when I’ve been! Didn’t stop the fun or the views!

Sushi Samba

📍Liverpool Street

Whilst their rooftop bar is off limits when it’s rains you can still get the pics of the view from the stairs … or enjoy some sushi in their stunning indoor restaurant.

The Nest

📍Oxford Street

A rooftop tree hideaway from the bustle of the shoppers below. A boujee indoor lounge at the centre of the roof with 360 terrace surrounding it. So sofas inside to take cover on.

Willows on the roof

📍Bond Street

365 days a year are their igloos but it’s not just these giant baubles you can hide in – there are huts, cosy cabins and an indoor restaurant.